Retain Amazing culture for R&D teams

Keep a finger on the pulse through digital tools you and your teams use to watch out for: 

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> Low team collaboration 

> Overload

> Work-life imbalance

> Burnout 

> Lack of challenge

> Disengagement

Hybrid work requires a new set of tools


your attention on teams that need assistance



your teams with a proactive approach


Get Feedback

of impact over time

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Don’t Guess, lead with data-driven decisions

Keepy is an AI SaaS retention solution that uses existing company metadata from development systems to create a clear unbiased picture of the state of teams, enabling to focus and act on worrying trends affecting teams and assessing change over time.

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Next-generation people management 

One-hour quick onboarding 

Doesn’t disturb employees’

day-to-day work 

Value from day 1 

Continuous insights and calls to action

Quantitative metrics to measure impact

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Help your teams thrive!
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Where people thrive companies grow
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