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Understand your people -Improve 
engineering productivity

Keepy is the only software engineering intelligence platform that combines people analytics with performance metrics

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       It can be difficult to measure software development productivity when there is an overload of data and huge loopholes.

What we really want to know is if we are utilizing our teams to their full potential.

Great Minds Combined...

In a study done by University of Victoria, Github and Microsoft, it was discovered that there are more dimensions that need to be measured to truly understand and improve productivity.

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These dimensions include

SPACE frame work

Software development efficiency is the degree to which waste and inefficiencies are identified and eliminated, thereby increasing productivity.

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No platform has taken these factors into account until now!

Introducing Keepy

The only productivity measurement and optimization platform that combines soft metrics with historic and active corporate data based on the SPACE Framework methodology.

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This approach looks at the workforce as human beings, not just as employees. We accomplish this with corporate behavioral science models, advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence. All the while protecting the personal information of your employees.

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Gain The Visibility & Remove Barriers

When looking at your teams, Keepy takes into account every dimension of SPACE Framework. In comparison to other productivity measurement tools that may only provide numbers, we combined data, and soft metrics to detect barriers in your teams and help you identify the issues that keep them from reaching their full potential.

Invest your efforts where it counts

Keepy allows you to see exactly what you need to know about your team's workflow. This reduces the stress of missing insights from multiple professional work systems.

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Value from day one

We utilize your company's historical data to provide insights from day one.

Real-time Actionable Data

No need to wait for your next Sprint to receive actionable insight and remove project flow challenges.

Easy installation

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More to come...

Set up is super simple, we integrate directly with your work tools and system.
No additional tagging or change to your work process required.

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Contact Us

Let’s start measuring and improving your company's productivity with Keepy.

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