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Information you’ve already been exposed to

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You know the data.

You see and use it every day to manage tasks, code, and documentation. 

Keepy re-arranges this data in a way that will help you to lead your teams better and to be more attentive to their needs.

You've already seen the data, let us tell the story

The story of your teams' journey

Smart pulse surveys

Company data only

Keepy engages only with data from the company's information systems. Data that is already accessible in the company’s public domain.

Keepy doesn’t read code, comments, or messages content.

Team-level insights

Employee personal identifiers are not shared with the company.

Keepy’s insights are at team-level only or survey result with employee consent.


Insights are just the beginning of the journey, now you know what to address - lead with action!

Keepy shares academy-based playbooks and industry benchmarks with you, so you’ll reach the desired impact.

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