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Understand people, Improve productivity

Successful companies are built by great teams. Knowing your team's challenges & motivation drivers is key to overcoming any obstacle.

Engineers and creative, smart thinkers who are working in a highly dynamic environment. Keepy helps engineering leaders to identify the issues that prevent the team from reaching their full potential, in real-time.

With the market correction, the task of delivery has become more challenging as R&D teams have fewer developers but are still expected to deliver the same.

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How It Works

We connect the dots from all the working tools, telling you the full story of your department

Keepy ai - how it works

Analyze all your organizational tools for a holistic perspective

Leveraging the organizational metadata from code repository/task manager/
collaboration tools/ documentation tools/ calendar

Fusing people analytics with productivity metrics

Based on SPACE framework approach

Gain Actionable Insights

Be at the right place, make a great impact

Workflow Process

Keepy connects to organizational tools and leverages metadata to provide engineering departments with a holistic view of how they work and where they can improve.
Every organization is different, and not all teams are equal - by using our data-driven platform you can immediately gain valuable insights, identify blockers and make changes on the fly, to deliver faster and stronger products




We connect with auth 2 in 5 minutes

In 24 hours we would create models for your teams and procedures, leveraging the historical metadata.

Start analyzing past events, successful releases, and failures for immediate value.
Our data refreshes every 24 hours for daily impact

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Our Advantages

Understand team
dynamics without surveys

Integrate business metrics
with team dynamics

Fully customizable

Privacy & Security
are protected

An easy-to-use
plug-and-play solution

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Contact Us

Let’s start measuring and improving your company's productivity with Keepy.

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