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We help you track the emotional state of your teams and provide managers the assistance needed to build effective communications.

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For Employees By Employees

Years of experience working in development teams (and managing some) have taught us that employees are the ones who truly understand, feel, and drive an organization's culture.


Culture is essential to the success of a company, and employees should play an active role in building it. Our solution creates a comfortable sharing environment.

Employee privacy protection​

Avoid long surveys

Giving employees a voice


Creating a workspace where people feel proud to work!

Keepy works with management to drive better collaboration and communication, so you can address issues that matter to employees together. Easily improve company culture with Keepy.

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Information you’ve already been exposed to

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You know the data. You see and use it every day to manage tasks, code, and documentation. 

Keepy re-arranges this data in a way that will help you to lead your teams better and to be more attentive to their needs.

You've already seen the data, let us tell the story

The story of your teams' journey

Smart pulse surveys

Hybrid work requires a new set of tools
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your attention on teams that need assistance


your teams with a proactive approach


see impact over time

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Enhancing Your Workspace

In order to lead the company to new heights, your team needs to maintain a reasonable work-life balance, to be transparent and to show recognition for accomplishment.


Utilises data from the tools you already use and micro surveys tailored to you to ensure continuous improvement.

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