Privacy and Trust

Keepy is built to help sustain a supportive work environment for onsite, remote, or hybrid teams.


Built with integrity by employees for the benefit of employees, keeping privacy and trust at the heart of the platform.


Analysis of company work tools only

Professional work tools analysis from

  • Project/Task management

  • Source code management

  • Documentation

  • Communication

  • Organizational management systems

No content analysis nor storage

Keepy analyzes metadata from work tools that are already accessible to managers.

There is no analysis of task or communication content.

Team level reports

To protect personal privacy, the analysis is conducted and communicated at the team level, with at least four members.

Keepy protects employee privacy and does not analyze personal data sources such as WhatsApp, social media, email, web-browsing, etc.

Keepy's ground rules for privacy

Security Highlights

ISO 20071 certified


GDPR ready


A cloud-based SaaS solution.
Installation in just a few clicks 

All of Keepy's data is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) databases, located in the United States/EU


All data is encrypted. 

All Personally identifiable information (PII) details are encrypted.

Encryption in Transit

Our applications encrypt in transit with TLS/SSL.


Encryption at Rest

All databases are encrypted at rest.


Third-Party Audits

Keepy undergoes independent third-party assessments and security consulting every six months.  


Third-Party Penetration Testing

Independent third-party penetration testing is performed bi-annually to ensure uncompromised security.

Vulnerability Scanning

We regularly perform vulnerability scanning and actively monitor for threats.

For the complete list of security standards and tests, please contact us.